Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You had me at “Explosive”

OK, so before I launch into this next entry….does anyone else find it interesting that nearly 15 years later… quotes from Jerry Maguire are still recognized?  You may even find yourself saying…oh, it hasn’t been 15 years!  Hate to break it to you….but its about that long ago. I know because I can remember sitting and watching ole’ Tom, Cuba and Renee in my college boyfriend’s apartment during the summer of 1997.  It was on VHS.  Yikes.  Next thing you know I’ll be soaking my dentures!

Anyway… trumping the moment where Jerry comes home to the divorced women’s club and sweeps Renee Zellweger off her feet as he swallows his pride and puts his wife ahead of his career…yatta, yatta… is a special exchange with my own new crush.  I should clarify, its purely a professional crush….but nevertheless will surely bring me great joy.  Cupid doth shot his arrow again. 

Paula, our Albanian PCMO (Peace Corps Medical Officer).   Paula first turned my head when she used the phrase “pregnancy exposure” as if it were more like being in the sun too long or getting stung by a mosquito.  This was during her initial introduction to Group 14 when she spoke of our Medical Kit and other options that PC can provide to us when in need.  She’s a straight shooter and doesn’t get too hung up on super clinical jargon.  But don’t let that suggest she is anything less that incredibly professional.  She’s warm and attentive and has our best interest in mind always.    

So the pregnancy exposure had me giggling to myself.  But when she came for our 2nd session….focusing on health as it relates to food and water is where I totally fell for her!  First…she started the session with the musical video of “Everything Comes Down to Poo” from Scrubs.  I just love that Turk!   And anyone who knows me….knows that the topic of Poo itself is one that I can’t seem to get enough of.  (Hey Pdo…thinking of you, my GPIC!)  And while I’d seen this video a few years back (thank you, Somie!) the time has done nothing to depreciate its value.  This is grade A, top notch quality entertainment.  Scratch that!  INFOtainment. Google it…you’ll learn something!

 So the session is going great and with all the poo talk, I’m clearly on the edge of my seat.  I scanned the room to see if there were others who shared my fascination and was pleased to find…I AM NOT ALONE.  But my crush on PCMO Paula was official when she began talking about her time as the PCMO in Africa… think food borne illnesses.  Paula, with the casual tone and inflection you’d expect from someone talking about grocery shopping or some other daily grind activity, tells us of the volunteers who called with complaints of “explosive, super, mega blowout” shits.  Now THIS…..this is a woman I can respect!


  1. i still have my "poop" bday card you gave me about 9 years ago!!!!! i too, love poop!!! xoxoxo nic

  2. I'm just imagining "super colon blow" :)