Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cancel my rush order on the Shake Weight!

Please tell me you’ve seen the commercials for the Shake Weight! And then, please tell me you think it looks as ridiculously suggestive as I do. I mean, come on phallic symbols! But leave it to late night phone order advertisements to prey on women’s insecurities. Actually, there’s a men’s version too…I’m not sure which one makes me more uncomfortable. Who were the Ad Execs who approved that spot!?!

So anyway, this one caught my attention….I believe I have inherited Grandma Dunn arms. If you had seen or known my Grandma Dunn, you’d recognize this was a strand of DNA I’d have rather avoided. And even though trainers always say…you can’t do “spot reduction” I’m still holding out for the chance that I could tone my arms in just 3 minutes per day. So when that Shake Weight commercial started to air, I’ll admit…I was tempted. Now, I didn’t pick up the phone to commit to three easy payments or anything (reminiscent of a certain Penn State roommate who ordered a 3-disc set of 80s love songs and then added the rush order. We love you Kim!) but I was intrigued. Certainly a cheaper version would come available at the As Seen On TV store.

But wait one second… I think I’ve found the alternative! Last night, my host brother was holding a large plastic jar and shaking it. After some stumbling through the Shqip, I realized he was making butter. Not the old-fashioned churning style…but in shake weight inspiring style! Well…hand it over, Antonini! I can work on that milk and fat and salt and whatever else goes into butter (not sure I really want to know). Well…he did and let me tell you, I shook the hell out of that butter….over head working my triceps….at chest level to work my back and shoulders… I would have made Jane Fonda, Denise Austin and Jillian from the Biggest Loser so proud! You don’t need all those gadgets and gym memberships, etc. to stay in shape…you just need to move to Albania and live on a farm. Soooo simple!


  1. Ah, the things you learn in college... Btw, I just caught up and read all of these. One word: HILARIOUS!

  2. You kill me! Too funny! I am not sure I will ever look at butter the same way. I am going back to margarine.